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About Hammer-IMS

Hammer-IMS develops and commercializes measurement systems to improve product quality and production efficiency.

Who we are

Hammer-IMS is a high-tech company in the field of industrial sensing. It is a spin-off company of research laboratory ESAT - MICAS of KU Leuven University. The company is based in Hasselt, Belgium. Hammer-IMS supplies contactless measurement systems for measuring thickness, weight and anomalies of flat structures in production lines, based on the disruptive technology of Hammer-IMS's M-Rays. This technology combines millimeter waves (=high-frequency electromagnetic waves) with innovative algorithms to a powerful alternative for today’s nuclear and radioactive measuring equipment. The Hammer-IMS systems have been performing trial runs at international paper producers and manufacturers of plastic sheets and films, and are now further engineered to handle composites, textile coating, non-wovens, mineral wool and other materials.

Millimeter wave measurements are favorable in situations where conventional technologies such as optical technologies, nuclear or radioactive radiation, ultrasound waves, inductive or capacitive measurement systems fail, are undesirable or provide an unreliable output. The modular and robust Hammer-IMS systems offer up to micron level accuracy on industrial in-line production machines.

The innovative millimeter wave technology is suitable for a long list of non-metallic materials across a range of industries: paper & pulp, plastics, mineral wools, textile, composites, and glass. The Marveloc 602 family of measurement systems can optionally be combined with Hammer-IMS’s CURTAIN hardware, supporting a multi-sensor solution for fast profile measurement in cross-machine direction. This multi-sensor approach is a clear differentiator compared to conventional methods. The measuring technology is clean, non-nuclear and non-radioactive, and suitable for material thicknesses up to several centimeters. The Hammer-IMS systems measure both transparent and opaque materials in any color as well as rough and shiny surfaces. Moreover, millimeter waves are as affordable as conventional measuring technologies.