Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure

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AboutGreen Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure is dedicated to resolving the issue of water pollution. Making the world a cleaner and healthier place is what we do. Continuous innovation will be increasingly important as we deal with global challenges such as climate change and water shortage.

When it comes to the environment, Green Infrastructures is a leader in providing solutions that help you conserve resources and run your business more efficiently. For the past one and a half decades we have made huge investments in research and development to create solutions that reduce your water and energy consumption and help you efficiently manage waste.

Green Infrastructure associates are dedicated, highly-trained and equipped with the best tools and technology available. Drawing from a large pool of experienced individuals in the eco-technology sector and backed by an extensive support system, we have the resources to help you solve almost any problem. This foundation allows us to build strong consulting relationships and provide an unparalleled level of service.

Sewage/Effluent and Wastewater Treatment

Green Infrastructure provides River and Lake restoration services that use customized Eco-Technological treatment solutions. Natural streams, rivers and lakes have their own in-built purification system comprised of wind, natural slopes, and stones for biological growth and complex food web which help in the purification process. This food web is nothing but utilization of one's waste by another as its own food. Nature has her own living machinery of detritivorous microbes and other living species to consume wastes. These principles have been harnessed in the treatment of polluted streams.

The company’s unique technology uses:

  • NO Machinery, hence NO Machinery Maintenance and NO Machinery Replacement.
  • NO Electricity.
  • NO Chemicals.
  • NO Running Costs.
  • NO Space / Land Required for Treatment. System is completely In-Situ.
  • NO Trained Personnel for Plant operations.