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GQ Tissue Products was established in 2001, as a converter of tissue products, with the intention of providing high quality tissue products at an affordable price, in a market dominated by a few leading Brands. The rest of the industry consisted of those producing poor quality, and often short changing consumers with lower than stated quantity. The philosophy at GQ Tissue is to supply the consumer with value for money products, and that would result in building a reputation of a company with integrity, and one that is committed to quality. The company commenced production of facial tissue, which was produced from high quality raw materials, sourced from producers in three continents that not only have quality management systems (ISO 9001) but also have accreditation for environmental good practice, with responsible deforestation and replenishment.

In 2004, the company expanded into the production of serviettes, sourcing coloured paper from leading European producers that have EU and FDA approval for, especially the dies, and bleaches, making them safe in food handling. The company produces a large range of one and two ply coloured serviettes in a range of 22 colours, in attractive packaging. 2007 saw another giant step for the company, having moved to the newly built factory of 2500 square metres, where the space allowed the company to expand into the full range of tissue consumer products.

Additionally, the company also started manufacturing a limited range of ‘Away From Home’ products. Having consolidated the range, in 2009 the company decided to purchase a fully automated, European pocket hanky line, which was installed in January 2010, which, “We believe to be the first in the country”, with most other product being imported! In 2009 the company also increased the number of Away from Home lines.

Most of the company’s plant is European, with some Asian machines, from ISO 9001 accredited machine builders. The company has balanced automation with job creation, and has steadily increased its workforce, thus providing employment, and skills training. The Company is 100% owned by previously disadvantages individuals, with more than 40% being held by women. The vision for the future- Consolidate its growth, continue with steady growth, maintain and improve quality, and continue to operate with integrity. 2011 saw another giant leap for the company, whereby it moved to new 7500m2 facilities. Again, production capacity was substantially increased with the addition of full automatic touchless facial tissue and toilet lines. GQ Tissue Products obtained their ISO 9001:2001 certification in 2014 and their ISO 9001:2015 in 2018.