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AboutGomà-Camps SAU

We manufacture, transform and market high quality tissue paper for the professional and home market, with high sustainability standards.


Our integral production covers everything from the manufacturing of paper in jumbo rolls to its transformation into a finished product in converting. This guarantees total control of the manufacturing process and high quality in the final product.
Gomà-Camps invests in state-of-the-art machinery to continuously improve industrial processes, reducing both energy consumption and the environmental impact of its activity.

Paper manufacturing

We produce 4 different types of high quality and certified cellulose, through a process that respects the environment:

  1. Virgin Cellulose
  2. Nature Cellulose
  3. Recycled Cellulose
  4. Blue Cellulose

Our manufacturing capacity covers all 4 paper production stages

Paper formation

Injection of the mixture of water and fibres on a plastic cloth and a felt, placed around a roller where the sheet of paper is formed.


The formed sheet is adhered to the felt and is transported to the presses. These are pressed against the dryer, thus removing much of the water from the sheet and transferring it to the surface of the dryer


The sheet is dried due to the energy released by the condensation of the steam inside the dryer and the hot air blown at 450° by the hood on the paper’s surface.

Creping and Rolling

A crepe blade detaches the sheet from the surface of the dryer. The sheet is rolled on a cylinder at a low speed, thus creating the creping on the paper and giving the characteristics of tissue paper. The sheet is rolled up forming a coil of weighing approximately 3 tonnes.