Glassine Canada Inc

Glassine Canada Inc

1245, boul. Montmorency Québec, QC G1J 5L6
Glassine Canada Inc.

Glassine Canada Inc.

1245 Boulevard Montmorency, Québec, QC G1J 5L6, Canada

AboutGlassine Canada Inc

Since 1986, Glassine Canada Inc. has been the specialty paper division of Simkins Industries, Inc. Our corporate office is located in East Haven, CT, USA. Simkins Industries has additional operations located in the United States that manufacture board and folding cartons.

Glassine Canada is located in Quebec City, Qc, Canada and manufactures greaseproof papers used for baking applications, including baking cup stock, bacon layout, pan liner, meat separator, margarine wrap and lard liner.

In addition, Glassine Canada manufacture paper for art, medical and industrial applications.

We also have the ability to produce paper in bleach, opaque and colors.

Paper is slit and packaged in suitable size as requested by our customers.

Glassine Canada has the ability to design and manufacture many papers. We have the equipment and the expertise to make paper that will fit our customer's needs.

AboutGlassine Canada Inc.

Glassine Canada Inc. is in the paper industry since 1952. It is a division of Simkins Industries Inc. since 1986, with headquarters in the USA, more precisely in Miami, Florida.

Located in beautiful Quebec City, Glassine Canada Inc. manufactures a range of specialty papers for the food industry (cupstock, bacon layout, pan liner, meat separator, margarine wrap, lard liner and prime release silicone) and designs specialty paper products to meet the highest requirements of specific applications in the artistic, medical and industrial sectors.With state-of-the art expertise, technology and equipment, our engineering and technical experts can meet all your needs for specialty papers specifically designed for any application.Glassine Canada’s papers are available in bleach, opaque, unbleached and colors, and can be custom-sized and packaged. All rolls and ingredients used in our papers are always traceable.We are proud to meet the highest standards established by the FDA, and of our proactive approach to the strictest application of the SQF 8.0 standard (level 2). Glassine Canada’s process and raw materials meet the Kosher certification guidelines.