Europap Tezol Paper Industry and Trade Inc

Europap Tezol Paper Industry and Trade Inc

Yedi Eylul, Philsa Caddesi, No:36, 35860 Torbali/Izmir, Turkey

AboutEuropap Tezol Paper Industry and Trade Inc

Our company started its operations with the converting facility established in İzmir Bayraklı in 2001 in order to produce for both its own brands and private label products. Our activity here has been in the form of producing napkins, toilet paper and kitchen towels from the semi-finished cleaning papers in the form of bobbins procured from outside.

Our organization has shown a very rapid development in production and sales and has turned to new investments. In 2004, it commissioned its integrated facility, which includes semi-product production and converting, in Torbalı, Izmir. While gaining the opportunity to produce the semi-products that it needs in this facility, it has also been able to increase its product range, and it has become able to produce products for the away from home products Market. It has become able to sell semi-products, which are more than its own needs, to other companies, especially to foreign markets.

Europap Tezol continued its growth in the following years, and after doubling the capacity of its factory in Torbalı, İzmir in 2009, it increased its capacity by 50% with a new factory investment that was put into operation in Mersin Tarsus OSB in 2016.

The factories of our organization located both in İzmir Torbalı and Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone have been established with deinking processes in the cleaning papers sector of our country. With this environmentally friendly process, cleaning paper is produced from recyclable waste paper collected from the market, and these are mainly exported to foreign markets.