EPP-Pack Oy / Carccu®

EPP-Pack Oy / Carccu®

Ruskepääntie 4,38100 Sastamala, Finland

AboutEPP-Pack Oy / Carccu®

Behind the Carccu paper products is the flexographic printing house EPP-Pack Oy, which is a family business founded in 1979. Our company relies on a long tradition of entrepreneurship. The company's leader, Lasse Borg, has been an entrepreneur for the fourth generation, and the company's founder Olli Borg, whose flexo-printing expertise dates back to 1968, is still strongly involved in EPP-Pack's operations. internationalization of activities.

EPP-Pack Oy is the leading flower paper manufacturer in the Nordic countries. Our company's products are exported to several European countries and outside Europe, e.g. To Russia. Over the years, our operations have been modified to serve the special needs of our customers. In cooperation with the customer, we will find the paper bag, wrapping paper, flower paper or other packaging that best suits each need. The end result is a durable, attractive and unique packaging product.

In addition to product quality, our company invests in environmentally friendly production methods and socially responsible operations. We recycle all waste from production and only household waste ends up in landfills. We systematically reduce the amount of waste by improving the use of materials. Read more about our environmental impact.