North West House, 119-127 Marylebone Rd,
London,NW1 5PU, United Kingdom


envoPAP is a sustainable materials company based in the UK, which uses green technology to create sustainable products that save the environment. Instead of wood-fibre and fuel-based plastics, it innovates by using reclaimed agricultural waste as the raw material to make a wide variety of printing products.envoPAP’s mission is to make sustainable products that do not harm the planet.

Our CEO & founder of EnvoPAP, Kaushal Shah, comes from India. He incorporated envoPAP which is the short form for Environmental Paper and Packaging 5 years from now. The idea to develop the business came up with the increasing demand for sustainable alternatives by consumers across the globe. EnvoPAP is a sustainable for-profit company, which has always been committed to meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. That is why it is a certified B Corporation.

Our Mission

Innovate paper and packaging materials that revolutionise the industry and solve the environmental crisis.

Our History

envoPAP’s journey began at the University at Southampton when it became apparent to our founder Kaushal that the paper and packaging industry needed disruption. Reducing the burden on earth caused by paper and packaging production was at the forefront of Kaushal’s mind when he started considering truly sustainable innovation, instead of green-washed products. Using abundantly available agricultural waste as raw material, instead of traditional wood pulp in paper and packaging production, we created our first commercial product in 2015. Although paper is a widely used commodity that contributes to 40% of deforestation worldwide, every envoPAP product saves trees from being chopped down while performing the exact same function without the environmental costs.

We believe in embracing sustainability at every level of our company, from the technicalities of production to the ethical treatment of our employees so that we fully honour our commitment to the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We challenge conventional paper production every day in order to innovate beyond the constraints of traditional production to ensure a sustainable future. Contrary to the linear "take, make, dispose" way of living, envoPAP believes in the circular principle of creating wealth from waste.