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From engineering company to manufacturer of decentralized wastewater treatment plants...

In 2005, the sales team for small wastewater treatment plants, lead by civil engineer Carsten Ruck, had an idea: They would use the experience in consulting and service in the field of decentralized wastewater treatment they had gained in the past 6 years to develop their own wastewater treatment plant for private homes and manufacture it themselves.

Finally, the decision for the foundation of a new company was taken due to a simple reason: The available solutions in the market at the time where not satisfactory, at all. The pits where mostly made of heavy conrete, difficult in handling and more often than not leaving the customer with a ruined backyard after the installation. Even worse: Pits from pre-cast concrete elements where difficult to be built completely watertight and the construction was hindered by the high groundwater levels in northern Germany. New technologies, like SBR had entered the market but, in practice, where not keeping up with the expectations.

Having worked with all different types of treatment technologies and maintained plants of all manufacturers in the market, all flaws and weak points of the existing products where known and the distinction between adecuate and non-adecuate processes fairly easy. After the strict selection process, the choice was clear: The submerged and aerated fixed-bed biofilm was a mature and well-proven technology. It guarantees a very stable treatment quality, even in underload scenarios, the most common case in the decentralized treatment of wastewater from private households.

After the selection of the process, the design and production of a suitable tank was the logical next step. It should be suitable for all kinds of different ground conditions on site (i.e. suitable for the installation in ground water, connectable to deep lying pipe connections, suitable for installation with little space, etc.). At the same time, it should guarantee an easy maintenance and an operation without failure of the installed fixed-bed technology.

As a first start, a standard one chamber PEHD tank was retrofit to a 4-chamber tank by manually equipping it with devider walls using hand-held welding torches. That way, two pre-treatment chambers, the bioreactor and the secondary clarifier could be contained within a single tank. The idea took off and with rising revenue, the idea of an industrial production process to produce multi-chamber tanks as a monoliths was born. The development of the DELPHIN® compact was started in 2006 and became a success story immediately after the serial production had been implemented.  The completely pre-installed plant in one single tank was easy and quick to install without leaving a mess and the robust middle chamber containing the fixed-bed in the center directly underneath the manhole made the maintenance really conveniant.

DELPHIN® compact has stayed our best-selling product, eversince. We have exported it to various countries and recently the first licensed production in Saudi Arabia has been established to serve the demand of the Saudi Arabian market. The diversity of application and depth of engineering detail was improved continuously in close relation with our distribution partners until our high expectations regarding quality and longevity of the product were to our complete satisfaction.