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Daikaffil Chemicals India Ltd.

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AboutDaikaffil Chemicals India Ltd.

Daikaffil Chemicals is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. The company produces quality intermediates, mainly for exports. It has created cost advantages for customers, and has established trust and confidence as a reliable sourcing unit. Daikaffil Chemicals have collaborated with the Japanese company to include modern setup of meeting international standards. The company has the concept of cost advantage with minimum cost inputs. Daikaffil Chemicals clientele includes established names in the industry like Clariant, KIWA, ERCA spa, DAIKA (Japan) and many more. This has helped the company to maintain its credibility. The company’s main products are stilbene derivatives, optical brightening agents, dye intermediates and naphthols for pigment red 170.

Stilbene Derivatives

The company manufactured stilbene derivatives are of three types. The first type of stilbene derivatives is parantiro toluene ortho-sulfonic acid whose molecular weight is 217. The physical appearance of these stilbene derivatives is white crystalline solid whose acidic value is less than 3%. The second type of stilbene derivatives is 4.4' -dinitro stilbene 2.2' -disulfonic acid whose molecular weight is 430. The appearance of these stilbene derivatives is bright yellow crystalline solid whose solubility is a clear solution. The first two types of stilbene derivatives are wet in their form. The third type of stilbene derivatives are 4.4' –diamino stilbene 2.2' -disulfonic acid (D.A.S.D.A). The molecular weight of these is 370 and is creamish white in colour. The form in which these D.A.S.D.A stilbene derivatives are supplied is dry.

Optical brightening agents

The company manufactured optical brightening agents are widely used in pulp and paper, detergents and soaps, and cellulosic fibers. There are various types of optical brightening agents like optical brightening agents 90, optical brightening agents 86, optical brightening agents264 etc. the optical brightening agents are also known fluorescent brightening agents (FBAs) or fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs).  Daikaffil Chemicals collaboration has provided integration production facilities from PNTSA, DNS, DAS, and DHS to various optical brightening agents under one roof. The company provides bulk orders for optical brightening agents.

Dye Intermediates

The company manufactured dye intermediates are of various types like the 1-(4-sulphophenyl)-3-carboxy-5-pyrazolone, 1-(4-sulphophenyl)-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone,1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone,sulfanilic acid etc. These dye intermediates purity ranges around 85% to 98%. Daikaffil Chemicals manufactured dye intermediates are used to manufactured food colours, drugs and pigments etc. the company also exports these dye intermediates. Direct dyes, reactive dyes are also types of dye intermediates. The highest quality and consistency of these dye intermediates is ensured by the company. The physical appearance of these dye intermediates varied from pale, yellow buff coloured amorphous powder, reddish yellow coloured amorphous powder, pinkish colour, white crystalline etc.


Naphthols manufactured by the company are of various types like the Naphthols as – ph, Naphthols as – lc, Naphthols as – bs, Naphthols as – itr etc. the purity of these naphthols ranges between 94% to 100%. Naphthols are available in the powder form and liquid form. These naphthols have excellent solubility, minimum insoluble. These highly purified naphthols are recommended for the production of pigments. Naphthols product quality and consistency is one of the reliable sources to the key features of the company.