Corrupal inc

Corrupal inc

225 Avenue Liberté, La Prairie, QC J5R 3X8, Canada

AboutCorrupal inc


Founded in 1993, Corrupal is a manufacturer and designer of engineered corrugated pallets and innovative packaging. In 2013, Laurie Du Temple Quirion and Martin Terrault, took the company’s direction.

Our mission is to offer optimized material handling solutions using environmentally friendly recyclable materials. Our approach has always been to partner with our customers, helping them to find solutions for their packaging and shipping problems.

At Corrupal, we believe that environmental and financial objectives have to be achieved to obtain a sustainable solution. This is why we design packaging that is recyclable and reusable. We have customers from many different market fields and found packaging solutions specifically for each of them. We can help you next!

Our values are simple; be faithful and honest to our customers, employees and our business partners.


Working with the Corrupal team

  • Engineering and Design: Corrupal team has a unique expertise in designing protective packaging products, material handling solutions. We have in house designing capabilities.

  • Testing and Qualification: Corrupal can execute, coordinate or supervise product testing using a well-established procedure. We can also assist for on-site testing and field tests.

  • Just-In-Time and VMI programs: Our inventory program is customizable to your requirements.

  • Personalized Customer Service: Our customer service is structured to answer any of your questions so you don’t have to call different departments.