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AboutCascade Corporation

Cascade Corporation has served the pulp and paper industry for 60 years with durable, reliable roll clamps and pulp handling clamps that help you deliver a perfect roll every time. Cascade has a clamp for any size or type of roll you are handling: pivot arm clamps, in capacities from 2,500lb to over 20,000lb; sliding arm clamps for constant arm thickness applications; tower clamps to handle single, two, four or six rolls at a time; and tissue clamps for ultra soft paper. Whether you're handling kraft, linerboard, super-calendared, newsprint or fine paper, Cascade has the perfect clamp for damage free handling through-out the entire supply chain.

When damage is cutting into your profits, Cascade Corporation has damage reduction solutions for troubles with edge damage, torn layers, roll dropping and out-of-round rolls.

  • AFC (adaptive force control) is a computer-controlled clamping system that automatically controls the clamp force in proportion to the load weight
  • Rotational Control provides 90° (bilge) and 180° stops during 360° clamp rotation, which automatically aligns pad to roll
  • Tilt Control controls the angle of the mast and attachment, aligning the pad with the load
  • Load Cushion™ is a hoist system accumulator that absorbs shocks and reduces the clamp force required to handle the load
  • Application-specific contact pads: there is a pad for every paper, and Cascade Corporation can help you find the right contact pad for your roll handling needs

Paper Handling Contact Pads

Choosing the correct pad is vital to damage reduction. Cascade Corporation offers a variety of pads for every paper. These are all explained in detail in our brochure, "A Pad for Every Paper" (form 6023385), which will help you decide which pad is best for your application.

Cascade Cast Pad: appropriate for most paper handling and available in any custom size.

Bolt-On Pads, Rubber and Urethane: used when handling difficult-to-grip papers such as milk carton stock, or when increased friction is necessary to reduce clamp force. Rubber facing is easy to replace.

Ribbed Cast: used with difficult-to-handle recycled kraft papers.

Spray Metal: optional pad surface for a broad range of papers.

Bonded Urethane: a thin profile pad with an extremely durable surface. Used when handling difficult-to-grip papers such as calendar stock. Available with Urethane Domed Profile (UDP) surface.

Bonded Rubber: a thin profile pad used in applications where a resilient surface is beneficial, such as newsprint, or when increased friction is required. Available with Rubber Cross-Hatched (RXH) surface.

Flexipad: provides the maximum friction for the lowest possible clamping force on newsprint rolls.

Hinged Pad: a pad with hinges that conforms to various roll diameters.

Tissue, Single Radius: used for handling high-density industrial toweling and wrapped dense tissue rolls less prone to damage than softer rolls.

Tissue, Double Diameter: used for medium-density tissue and toweling grades. Reduces cutting at the end of the contact pad.

Tissue, Convex: for use in handling low-density, super-soft tissue. Reduces cutting at periphery of contact pad area.

Tradition Of Quality

During the past 60 years, the field of materials handling has developed into a highly sophisticated and important part of industry. Cascade Corporation has played a significant part in this growth and development. From our beginnings as a small machine shop in the early 1940s to the leading worldwide manufacturer we are today, Cascade Corporation continues to grow as the premier supplier of lift truck attachments and related products.