Cartonplast Group GmbH

Cartonplast Group GmbH

Cartonplast France SAS ZI des Chartinières Rue de la Craz 01120 Dagneux

AboutCartonplast Group GmbH

With our innovative full-service pooling solution for recyclable transport packaging, we offer our customers greater efficiency in their complete logistics processes. On an international level, the Cartonplast Group ensures that plastic layer pads, pallets and top caps are quickly and easily available when and where they are needed.


Each and every one of our employees plays a major role in the fact that today we can count more than 5000 companies as satisfied customers / users. Every single day, we work to keep our promises and create the best possible solutions for our customers. Our passion and expertise continue to drive our vision today and into the future.

What makes us different to our competitors? We emphasize tight asset controls through a sophisticated tracking and IT infrastructure that we continually invest in to keep improving. Our broad service center coverage and excellent logistics expertise are the foundation of our supply chain guarantee because we know how time-critical our customers' operations are. Our strong supplier relationships set us apart, as our raw material sourcing risk is extremely low.

Finally, the aspects supporting environmental sustainability are also extremely important to us as a circular economy company.

...CARTONPLAST is all this, and much more.

And we keep working to get a little better every day.


All employees worldwide are committed to our Code of Conduct because we take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously. In this way, we avoid undesirable actions and oblige all employees to behave responsibly, ethically and with integrity. We also have this expectation towards third parties, such as our business partners and suppliers.

As our compliance rules are very important for us, we offer an e-mail address to report each compliance issue.