Cartiera del Chiese Spa

Cartiera del Chiese Spa

Via Tito Speri 6125018 Montichiari (BS)

AboutCartiera del Chiese Spa

Cartiera del Chiese SpA expresses its commitment to the application and development of a Quality System within the Organization and defines its inspiring principles.
The primary objective of Cartiera del Chiese SpA is to be at the service of the customer and obtain full satisfaction through:

  • Supply of products capable of responding to the explicit needs of customers
  • Punctual deliveries and in a manner consistent with the contractual commitments
  • Prices consistent with the needs of the market and competitive with the competition
  • Adequate support for dealing with and resolving any possible market report concerning product quality and reliability of deliveries
  • Awareness and training of all staff and suppliers / contractors, in order to promote and increase the awareness and competence of all staff over time
  • Use of IT tools and specific training of the functions responsible for improving organizational efficiency
  • Creation and development of new and potential synergies between the various departments and management systems, to obtain real benefits and greater overall efficiency

The company has as its main objective, the production and distribution of the product through the constant commitment to the quality and service expected by the customer, in compliance with the laws and the criteria of economic profitability.

For this purpose, the Company Management undertakes to make organizational, technological and financial resources available, establishing the orientations and objectives of the System, to be achieved through the application of the following principles:

  • Improve the quality level of the product and service offered, in terms of reliability, punctuality in deliveries and consolidation of technical assistance, with a view to customer satisfaction through increasing levels of quality, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Involve all company resources to achieve the optimization of production processes, through the continuous search for raw materials and components for product improvement (functionality, service, design, etc.) and through the use of all advanced technologies available, both for the achievement of quality standards in compliance with the customers' requests, which to prevent and promptly correct any errors
  • Define, implement and periodically review specific quality objectives, involving internal resources and their suppliers in this process
  • Identify and allocate adequate resources (human, technical, technological, organizational) in order to achieve the established objectives
  • Inform, educate and train workers by means of training supports, for greater responsibility and awareness of the same in company processes and for the improvement of organizational efficiency
  • Involve the entire company structure, according to their own attributions and skills, with the adoption of management tools for controlling company processes and measuring performance
  • Define the appropriate objectives and the planning of the necessary periodic monitoring and verification activities