Blu Plast Srl

Blu Plast Srl

Via Madonna di Fatina 2584016 Pagani (SA)

AboutBlu Plast Srl

Since  1993  the Brillante family has started the entrepreneurial project in the world of packaging; “Brilliant Plastic” was born with the ambitious intention of representing a new reality of industrial production for the blown extrusion of plastic films.

Over the years the company has equipped itself with the most modern technologies in the sector, and in  2005  the natural evolution of this growth gave birth to Bluplast srl which in a very short time became carved out an important slice of the market in the field of polyethylene packaging, choosing a customer-oriented approach to offer high quality products and solutions for their needs. Each year the company continues to achieve the objectives set in the core business of reference, continuing its growth in a very dynamic way.

In  2013  Bluplast srl took over a new production site in Zingonia (BG), exclusively used for the blown extrusion of PE for the production of lamination films on food-packaging, and logistically strategic to meet the needs of the European market. Step by step, the company continues its insertion in global markets with a constantly growing share of foreign turnover.


Our company invests considerable resources every year in innovation to reach the new challenges that the markets propose in order to satisfy the requests of increasingly demanding customers and for products that are always at the forefront. This process makes possible a continuous evolution of our company, adapting it to the most modern solutions. The innovations are aimed at new plants, processes, commercial strategies and products. Our concern is to understand the needs of our customers and turn them into solutions.


The success of our company is based on the value of the people who make it up. We carefully choose our staff, making them part of our project, with constant training aimed at professional growth. We firmly believe in team spirit and in the division of labor in order to optimize it and create shared projects that highlight the ideas and work of the group. This has made it possible to create a team of people where each, with their role and contribution, makes what we all do together unique.


We have an innovative multilayer “PILOT” system, suitable for internal checks and with our customers. The large amount of extruded polyethylene has given our company the opportunity to establish itself as a leader in the sector. The welding department allows us to satisfy the production needs of bags of various shapes and types, also customized with graphics. Our printing department has two eight-color central drum flexographic systems to obtain cutting-edge graphic quality and our graphics department constantly works to find customized solutions for our customers.


Our concept of quality comes from the training of operators, who are constantly updated and made aware of the qualitative aspects of the products that are made. Our quality system is developed starting from the control of raw materials, appropriately selected, passing through the control in production and the process parameters that are continuously optimized and analyzed, to testing in the laboratory, where each of our batch is certified and analyzed statistics becomes a tool for continuous improvement. Our quality systems are certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 for the Pagani office and ISO 9001: 2008 and BRC / loP issue 5 / July 2015 for the Zingonia office.