Avantha Centre For Industrial Research & Development

Avantha Centre For Industrial Research & Development

Thapar Technology Campus,

Bhadson Road, Patiala - 147 004

Punjab, INDIA


AboutAvantha Centre For Industrial Research & Development

Avantha Centre for Industrial Research & Development (ACIRD) has been a leading force in the vertical of R&D within the Pulp and Paper industrial sector ever since its conception in 1983 when it was founded by the Avantha Group, formerly known as Thapar Group.

At the outset, ACIRD’s functional agenda was centric to generic research which gradually branched out into solution-seeking for industrial complexities. Presently, the solutions proffered by ACIRD focus on ascertaining an accelerated and time-efficient delivery of output.

With a top-drawer infrastructure in the domains of pulp, paper, environment, chemicals and allied field, ACIRD has proved its mettle as a leading research institution in a densely competitive business. This can be exemplified by the accolades and certifications it has received over the years.

ACIRD’s portfolio delineates the scope and reach of its services. It has been consistently lending its unwavering support to Indian paper mills, chemical/ enzyme manufacturers and distinguished national & multi-national companies.

In addition to this, the organization also conducts research programmes which are financed by private firms as well as government agencies.  It has been engaged in providing tutelage and training to numerous M.Sc./M.Tech. and Ph.D. students of neighbouring universities through the medium of research.


The research conducted by ACIRD is characterised by pain-staking attention to detail and punctilious documentation which facilitates process improvement/ development, product improvement/ development and pollution abatement along with resource conservation.

In its endeavours to sustain and assist the amelioration of Pulp & Paper and sundry other allied industries, ACIRD offers the following research services which have been categorically charted into four disparate groups:

Contractual Research; Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO); Process Audit & Consultancy; Analytical & Testing Services

To further segregate, ACIRD’s research, which is directed at environment-friendly processes and their resultant products, delivers to five different verticals:

Pulping & Bleaching Stock Preparation & Papermaking Coating & Printing
Environment & Resource Management   Nanotechnology & Advanced Biomaterials