Aurora Specialty Chemistries

Aurora Specialty Chemistries

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AboutAurora Specialty Chemistries

Aurora Specialty Chemicals is a specialty chemical manufacturer providing chemicals to a variety of industries, including the pulp and paper sector.

ASC is a single source supplier of specialty chemicals and is a primary polymer manufacturer. The following list highlights several product lines:

  • Patented water soluble polymers - high, medium, and low molecular weight, varying charge densities (floc aid series)
  • Wet and dry strength resins for pulp and paper
  • Surface sizing
  • Boiler and cooling water treatment chemicals - FDA formulated products to prevent corrosion and scale
  • Lubricants - water / oil based
  • Microbiocides / slimicides - EPA registered manufacturer
  • Foam control agents - defoamers, antifoams, deaerators, water, silicone, oil and polyglycol based chemistries
  • Cleaners - alkaline / nonalkaline with all types of industrial applications
  • Yankee release agents, crepe aids, lubricants
  • Stikeez polymer chemistry
  • Tissue softening agents
  • Grease resistant
  • Corrosion inhibitors - metal passivation / preparation


ASC manufactures polymers and resins used in a variety of applications in the paper making process. Paper machine retention, drainage aids, wet strength and sizing products include:

  • Polyacrylamide emulsions
  • Polyamines
  • Poly DADMACS
  • Mannichs
  • Polyamides

Overall, ASC's paper industry chemicals product line includes: retention and drainage aid polymers; wet strength and sizing resins; process defoamers, antifoams and deaerators; flotation and save-all polymers; slimicides and microbiocides; dispersants and charge modification additives; stickies polymer chemistry for deposit control on felts and wires; and felt, wire and boilout cleaners.


ASC's many R&D accomplishments include the following:

Floc Aid series (Patented Polymer Chemistry). This new product line of liquid anionic polymers are specific to settling microbes in the fermentation processes that are charge dependent. This represents a totally new application technology not previously found in our industry.

Preservation and sterilization microbiocides. ASC has developed a complete line of microbiocides encompassing preservation and sterilization products for all types of industries.

Stikeez polymer chemistry is used in the paper industry to prevent deposits on the paper machine felt/wire and paper sheet deposition.

New de-inking chemistry is used in de-ink plants to remove ink and stickies.

Sludge dewatering polymers. ASC has developed new sludge dewatering polymers, with weight and charge specifically formulated to the customers demands.

Antifoams and deaerators. ASC has successfully added antifoams and deaerators to the existing product line.

Service testing procedures. ASC offers extensive service testing procedures to its customers, providing them with quality data to optimize their production processes.

Process feed equipment for emulsion polymers. ASC has successfully developed improved process feed equipment for emulsion polymers.

Boiler and cooling-water chemical feed equipment. ASC has developed improved microprocessor-based boiler and cooling-water chemical feed equipment.


ASC has a full service lab capable of performing analytical test on organic and inorganic materials, deposit analysis, metallurgy analysis, corrosion analysis, microorganism testing, NPDES permitting, and a variety of other lab tests.