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Who we are

International standards for creative and technical papers – since the 17th century

Arjowiggins is an independent paper manufacturer with a rich history reaching back to the 17th century. From our Anglo-French roots we have grown into a paper manufacturer with a global reach, marrying experience, knowledge and skill to the most advanced technology available, to serve customers large and small. Today, Arjowiggins is firmly established as one of the world’s leading producers of creative and technical papers.

Our portfolio of products includes:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Creative papers, Creative packaging & Labels
  • Bookbinding & Covering papers
  • Translucent & Barrier papers
  • Smart papers
  • Security papers
  • Transfer papers

The company continues to produce all the iconic products that have built its reputation, including Conqueror, Curious Collection, Keaykolour, Pop’Set, Rives, Delos, Geltex, Gateway, Jetguard, Laserguard, and more recently Powercoat for printed electronics. Our papers are manufactured across four mills, in Europe (Stoneywood and Chartham in the UK, Guarro Casas in Spain) and China (Quzhou).

Sustainability and respect for the environment remain more than ever at the heart of Arjowiggins’ activities, through a wide range of ongoing internal and external initiatives. And we retain an intense focus on maintaining our position as a pioneer in the development of innovative, high added-value creative and technical paper products, available worldwide.


Arjowiggins is first and foremost a story of people, of passionate individuals who for centuries have developed and nurtured the love of paper. From the pioneers of the 17th and 18th centuries who built the original paper mills to the men and women at the helm of the global 21st-century business, there has been an unbroken dedication to preserving the love and utility of high-quality paper.


Foundation of Guarro Casas by Ramon Guarro at the Torre de Claramunt in Catalonia


Foundation of Chartham Mill, in Kent, south-east England


The Buckland Mill in Dover, also in Kent, commences operations


Foundation of Stoneywood Mill near Aberdeen, on Scotland’s east coast. Alexander Pirie & Sons takes over in 1800 and converts the mill to make white writing paper


The first sheets of Conqueror roll off the presses at Buckland Mill thanks to founder EP Barlow’s determination to provide a high-quality watermarked paper for the masses


Just two years later the Buckland Mill is bought by Wiggins Teape, a London-based stationery business formed by Edward Wiggins and Henry Teape


Wiggins Teape acquires Alexander Pirie & Sons including Stoneywood Mill


Wiggins Teape acquires Chartham Mill and the Gateway emblem, which is then adopted by all Wiggins Teape paper mills, and can still be seen on-site


Gateway tracing paper made at Chartham is used widely by pilots and engineering draughts men. Stoneywood suspends its papermaking activities and manufactures Churchill tank turrets


In France, the merger of four competing paper mills leads to the formation of the first French papermaking group: Arjomari. The name of the group comes from the first two letters of the names of the four mills: Arches, Johannot, Marais and Rives


Arjomari merges with Prioux-Dufournier, forming Arjomari-Prioux.BAT industries acquire Wiggins Teape in 1970 and Appleton Papers in the USA eight years later.In 1990 Wiggins Teape and Appleton Papers merge to become Wiggins Teape Appleton


Guarro Casas is bought by Arjomari-Prioux


Arjomari-Prioux and Wiggins Teape Appleton merge to form Arjowiggins Appleton


Arjowiggins Appleton is acquired by Worms & Cie and the group shortens its name to Arjowiggins. In 2005 Worms & Cie becomes Sequana


Arjowiggins’ distribution business is demerged as Antalis (part of Sequana)


Foundation of Quzhou mill in Zhejiang province, China


Quzhou mill is aquired at 100% by ArjowigginsThe entire range of Arjowiggins’ creative papers gains FSC™ certification (FSC™ C018501)


The Creative Papers division of Arjowiggins becomes an independent company following a management buy-out led by Managing Director Jonathan Mitchell. The new company Arjowiggins Group Ltd is based in Aberdeen, Scotland.


Stoneywood Mill celebrates its 250th anniversary