APV Germany GmbH

APV Germany GmbH

Am Kanal 6 D-49565 Bramsche

AboutAPV Germany GmbH

APV Germany is one of the leading companies in the field of finishing and processing of roll-based papers and flexible materials in Europe.

Motivated by the changing requirements of our customers, our permanent endeavor is to improve and refine our processing technologies. This is supported by an intensive investment program. Thus, the previous expansion of our machine park and the expansion of storage capacities have also been realized.

In 2011, a new production hall was built at the Bramsche location, in which production takes place under special conditions with a view to cleanliness and hygiene for customers from the medical technology, high-tech and food industries.

Even before the turn of the millennium, the foundation stone was laid for a comprehensive software system tailored to the requirements of machine roll processing. Since then, the storage and production status of each roll has been recorded, mapped and archived without any gaps. About 10 years ago, the porting of relevant interface applications started as web services in order to enable large customers online access to stored stocks, production details and document information.

However, the investment focus is not only on machines and systems. The constant improvement of working conditions, workplace health and safety of our employees as well as the saving of resources (energy, consumables) are very important to us.

We develop all human and technical resources to realize our ambition: Complete customer satisfaction.