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AboutApex Pulp Pte Ltd

APEX PULP is the leading manufacturer and supplier of moulded pulps, which is headquartered in Singapore and manufacturing plant located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We supply medical pulps like urine bulbous, bedpans, bowls, measuring jugs, etc to healthcare institutions, hospitals and nursing homes. For agricultural industries, we supply seedling pulps to plant nurseries and plantation farms which is compostable and biodegradable. Our moulded pulps are also used as protective packaging materials for consumer products, home appliances, electronic gadgets and fragile items like wine bottle, glass wares, etc. In the food and beverage industries, the pulps are moulded as food trays, containers, cups, etc. APEX PULP is able to customise moulded pulps accordingly to meet your needs.

Our moulded pulps are stackable, lightweight yet rigid and waterproofed. Moreover, it sustains an eco-friendly environment with biodegradable and compostable raw materials using innovative techniques and advanced production processes. Thus, APEX moulded pulps promote an eco-friendly environment, eliminating waste. Raw materials for moulded pulps are made from old newspapers, scrapped papers, carton boxes and organic bagasse.

APEX PULP is conveniently located beside Johor Port at Pasir Gudang, along the Straits of Johor, an international strait in Southeast Asia between Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia. Thus, reduces inland transportation cost to sea port.

If you are looking for moulded pulps, we have the right solution for you!

Medical & Healthcare Institutions

Our vision is to turn recyclable waste into single-use products, eliminate cross-contamination, and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. To avoid cross-contamination and for hygiene purposes, APEX moulded pulps are intended for single-use only. Soiled moulded pulps have to be disposed of appropriately into any macerators available in the market, including but not limited to DDC Dolphin, Haigh and Vernacare machines or into waste bins following local authorities' guidelines. In addition, unused moulded pulps may be disposed into waste bins.

Agriculture Industries

Moulded seedling pots provide a simple solution to an age-old millennia problem. It eliminates shock transplant, root circulation and withering when planting seeds, which allows for bigger and healthier plants. In addition, moulded seedling pots provide durability. These moulded pots would not disintegrate or crumble too quickly, allowing seedlings to sprout and also for roots to penetrate through the moulded pots as the seedlings continue to grow.

Food and Beverage Businesses

Moulded pulps for the food & beverage industries come in various forms. For example, trays and carriers used for carrying take-away food and for carrying fruits or vegetables in supermarket display shelf.

Other than for packaging purposes, the moulded pulps can be made as disposable food containers, disposable food trays, disposable paper plates, disposable paper bowls, etc.

Electronic Sectors

Moulded pulps contain fibre which is non-static, ideal for electronic components as packaging material to prevent part damage and static electricity. When sending or protecting electronic parts, it is crucial to ensure that electronic parts are protected from scratches due to traditional packaging. Many companies are indeed moving towards sustainable packaging to replace plastics to be environmental friendly. Moulded pulps are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

Packaging & Delivery

Each carton boxes are allocated and printed with lot numbers for easy identification of production batch for easy tracing and accountability. All moulded pulps are placed inside HDPE plastic bags and packed nicely into durable carton boxes. Urine bulbous are arranged and packed neatly into larger carton boxes with dispensing windows for easy retrieval.

We optimise our production processes to achieve high yield with consistent products quality. We are able to achieve a short production lead time for large orders, to cater to customer’s needs.

Storage Conditions

Upon arrival at your location, we recommended that the carton boxes be stored in a dry and clean environment. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

If the storage is within hospitals, nursing care homes or institutions, keep it in the clean utility room.

If the storage is in a logistic warehouse, it is recommended to stack palletised cartons up to a maximum of two levels. Use heavy-duty racks for stacking more than two palletised cartons.

You will be able to find us at www.apexpulp.com or contact sales@apexpulp.com to find out more!