AP-Tela Oy

AP-Tela Oy

Kuljettajantie 2, FI-67800 Kokkola, Finland

AboutAP-Tela Oy


AP-Tela Oy, operating in Kokkola, Finland, participates in developing the manufacturing processes of the companies in the Plc Uutechnic Group Oyj and their customers by manufacturing equipment and parts for paper, board, and pulp industry.

The company is a component and custom machine workshop serving wood processing, steel, shipyard, and energy and engineering industries

Products and services

AP-Tela Oy manufactures welded press pipes used in paper machine rolls and cylinders, steam and water cylinders, and pressure vessels, among others. The pipes can be annealed and equipped as components according to the customer’s requirements.

The rolls and cylinders can be delivered ground and balanced. The service also includes overhauling of paper machine cylinders as well as the production of aggregates with assemblage.

AP-Tela Oy also manufactures heavy pipe beams, and conical and press profiles. Our production range also includes welded and machined steel frames and foundations, such as paper machine frame structures.

Customers and markets

AP-Tela Oy has as its customers wood processing, steel, shipyard, energy, and engineering companies in Finland, other Scandinavia and Russia.

Quality and Research & Development

The operations of AP-Tela Oy are based on the company’s solid expertise in manufacturing, knowledge of paper industry manufacturing processes, and expertise in manufacturing and maintenance of specialized products like rolls and cylinders. The company develops its products and services in close cooperation with its customers and invests in quick and flexible customer oriented operation. The projects carried out with Plc Uutechnic Group Oyj, high know-how of paper technology, high quality requirements and knowledge of special materials build up the bases of the quality system of AP-Tela Oy.