Ankutsan A.S.

Ankutsan A.S.

Metropol Istanbul A2 Blok K:17 34758 Atasehir / Istanbul

AboutAnkutsan A.S.

Ankutsan, which operates in the corrugated cardboard sector and was established in 2002 with 100% domestic capital; operates with five production facilities on a total area of ​​239.000 m2, in Antalya, Mersin, Ankara, Adana, and Tekirdağ Çerkezköy.

Ankutsan, one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey, produces 300,000 tons of Paper, 420,000 tons of Corrugated Cardboard Sheets and Boxes annually. Ankutsan, which has more than 1000 employees and always aims to produce with advanced technology, holds the title of being the first R&D Center in the sector approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology with its R&D Center established in 2017.  

Ankutsan; With its dynamic structure, sustainable quality approach, and innovative mission, it offers qualified solutions for the box needs of all sectors, while producing the most suitable boxes for its customers' product ranges with techniques including special printing services with its innovative teams. Ranking 264th among Turkey's 500 largest industrial enterprises, Ankutsan is the fastest-growing company in the corrugated cardboard sector of our country, with its facilities established all over the country with the Industry 4.0 approach, and advanced technology integrated production methods.

Ranking 503rd among the top 1000 exporters in Turkey, Ankutsan exports to more than 60 countries in 5 continents, primarily in America and Europe, and is by far the leading producer of the corrugated cardboard industry in terms of exports. With its quality product range and experienced field teams, it can quickly respond to the needs of different markets. Moving forward to create long-term partnerships in every market in exports, Ankutsan has the agility to adapt its products according to the special needs of international markets, thanks to its high technical expertise.

Ankutsan advances with the mission of being the leading company in the Corrugated Cardboard sector with its never-changing understanding of quality production, the high value it attaches to the consumer, and its approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

With its business model that produces all of its consumption and grows based on sustainable resources, sustainable future, it continues to renew, develop and produce for the boxes that it touches in all areas of life, protecting what is inside and adding value, by consuming less and protecting more natural resources every day for the total benefit of all humanity.