Agro Pulping Machinery (P) Ltd

Agro Pulping Machinery (P) Ltd

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AboutAgro Pulping Machinery (P) Ltd

Agro Pulping was established in 1991 as a fabrication unit with a focus on pulp and paper making from agricultural waste like sugarcane bagasse.  From a single product offering – depithers, Agro has now become a global supplier of a wide range of equipment and systems for making Clean Pulp.  In 2010, Agro made the strategic move of becoming a turnkey provider of pulping systems - from engineering, equipment and electrical to civil, instrumentation and erection.  This strategic shift began with the execution of four turn-key projects in India, subsequently expanding to projects in other countries like Kenya.

In the aftermath of 2008-10 downturn, Agro pivoted again to focus on markets outside India, grabbing projects in Kenya, Ethiopia and S. America.   In 2010, Agro set up an office in the US - Sim Agro Inc - to explore opportunities in renewable energy and biofuels. Agro has since worked with several technology companies in the biofuels space – briquetting, 2 G Ethanol, Biodiesel, etc.  Agro’s proprietary system for fiber preparation, wet washing and pre-treatment empowered these companies to explore commercial scale plants.  Agro's ability to drive down overheads combined with its extensive engineering expertise has made it unique player in this arena. 

Together, Agro and Sim Agro are actively working on projects in non-wood pulping, bioenergy and biofuels space, with several global projects executed across Colombia, South America, Kenya, and Canada. Several new projects have been started in United States as the demand for non-wood pulp is increasingly sought by consumer product companies.