Agro Pulping Machinery (P) Ltd

Agro Pulping Machinery (P) Ltd

Agro Pulping Machinery (P) Ltd
"Krishnan Complex", 4th Floor
46, Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Road
T. Nagar
Chennai - 600 017.
Ph: +91 44 2434 0698/ 2434 4491
Fax: +91 44 2434 5578

AboutAgro Pulping Machinery (P) Ltd

Agro Pulping Machinery Pvt. Ltd., (Agro) manufactures Fiber Preparation equipments for agricultural residues like Bagasse, Wheat / Rice Straw and Grass. Agro has developed Clean Pulp Technology comprising Fibre Preparation, Wet Washing and Continuous Pulping Systems to provide superior quality pulp to paper manufacturers. The company also developed Fluid Bed Recovery System used in chemical separation by small and medium size Paper Mills. Agro presents itself as a partner for low investments and high profit ventures.

Fibre Preparation And Wet Washing

Equipment used in Fibre Preparation includes:

  • Pin Feeder
  • Depither
  • Conveying Systems

Fibre Preparation helps in better pith removal with less Fibre damage. It helps in effectively removing Dirt, Sand, Grit, Ash and reduces Power consumption with less Manpower usage. This System reduces dust generation.

Equipments required for Wet Washing System are:

  • Paddle Washer
  • Aqua Separator
  • Screw Press

Wet Washing removes adherent silica, pith, nodes, fines, chlorides and soluble contraries. It reduces cooking and bleaching chemicals. This helps in obtaining uniform pulp with high Fibre quality. Wet Washing improves functioning of paper machines and increases the wire life. Wood chip can be washed in this system.

Digester System

Continuous Digester System includes:

  • Screw Feeder
  • Inlet Chamber
  • Digester  Tubes
  • Cold  Blow  Discharger

Agro indigenously developed Continuous Digester System (CD) that functions based on vapour phase cooking. The CD System can handle a wide range of raw materials like, cereal straws, annual grasses, bagasse. It reduces the steam consumption and economizes chemicals. This System is flexible to operate and exerts uniform load on utilities. It requires less space, manpower and installation time. It has trouble free operation and paving way for supply of Clean Pulp.

Chemical Recovery System

Chemical Recovery System includes Multiple Effect Evaporator and Low Temperature Incinerator (LTI). This System operates at lower temperature and delivers Soda Ash Pellets as final products. It occupies lesser space and manpower. Support Fuel is required for initial start up only and it burns autogenously. The Soda Ash Pellets obtained as the end product in the Chemical Recovery System and it has market demand. Agro's LTI System has error free service and Chemical Recovery System also offers flexibility of operation and functions on Fluid Bed Technology. Soda Ash Pellets can be used for producing Caustic Soda.