72, rue Queen,Sherbrooke (Québec) J1M 2C3


AFT has over a century of experience in stock preparation, including screening and refining technologies for chemical and mechanical pulps and complete fiberline technologies for recycling and deinking operations. AFT takes an upgrading approach to improve existing mill operations or respond to changes in fiber supply or paper grades. We work with existing equipment, focusing on capacity, energy and component life and only consider replacing a machine when the economics dictate. We help mills to find a step-by-step path to improvement that can be demonstrated and supported by investment returns, within a budget.

Our offices and manufacturing hubs are located around the world, including:

  • Quebec, Canada (established in 1903 Union Screen, CAE, AFT)

  • USA Services (Finebar acquisition)

  • Varkaus & Helsinki, Finland (from 1945, Ahlstrom, CAE, POM acquisition)

  • Incheon, South Korea (established in 1984, acquired by AFT)

  • Jiaxing and Shanghai, China (established 2004)

  • Fujieda, Shizuoka, Japan (foundry 1924; Aikawa Metal Industry 1960)

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