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ABK Machinery

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AboutABK Machinery

Established in 1952 and originally named Ateliers ALLIBE, the French company ABK Machinery has over the years gathered a strong technological knowledge from cooperation with major players in the paper industry such as Beloit and Küsters. Today, ABK Machinery is member of ABK Group, a consortium of 6 complementary companies which interact one with each other for designing and manufacturing complete machines and specialised equipments for the paper and board industry worldwide in the most efficient and innovative way. Their product range includes Headbox, Forming Section, Shaking unit, Press Section, Size/Film Press, Coating Section, Calendars and all kinds of customized equipments.


ABK Machinery manufactures different geometries of Headbox to fit customer needs in terms of operating position, paper quality, flexibility and costs : Single Wire or Twin Wire Hydraulic Headboxes with Dilution control system using manifold (PF-II/PF-III) or Radial Distributor (Spider) (PF-II) technology Single Wire Air Cushion Headbox; and Cylinder Mould Headbox.

Forming Section

The Forming Section is the heart of the paper machine. This is the reason why ABK Machinery has always paid a particular attention to the design and the construction of each element of the Forming Section. ABK can offer high quality key products like our “PF” (Perfect Flow) series headboxes, our recoilless shakers, “VACUALL” series top formers, Forming Section together with conventional, but still of the latest design, single and multi-layer Fourdrinier tables. They can customise these Forming Sections as per the specifications of the clients. They offer these Forming Sections at most economical prices and in compliance with international standards.

Press Section

Press Sections offered by ABK are of international standards. The Press Sections are custom made in order to achieve greater performance in terms of productivity and runability. Whatever the press section design chosen, open draws are limited as much as possible. By accurately mixing together the three different technical solutions (bi / tri Nip press, LNP press and shoe press) according to the customer needs, it is possible to get the best available results in terms of paper quality and level of dryness.

Size/Film Press

ABK Machinery has a particular expertise in the manufacturing of size and film press depending on customer’s requirements, all made in SS316L. Sizing with a size/ press will give a better starch penetration into the sheet and low maintenance costs while sizing with a film press will increase ink holdout, reduce sheet breaks and steam consumption while giving the possibility of depositing different weights and films on top and bottom paper sides. The Film Press Allicoat FP/M has an exclusive hydraulic control system to ensure an accurate control of the opening/closing balance FS/DS.

Coating Section

ABK Machinery has more than 20 years of experience in coating technologies; the range of coaters it proposes can answer all the papermaker’s needs over a wide range of machine speed, weight deposit and coating formulation.

Notably, ABK’s coating sections give excellent quality results in terms of:

  • Coat film smoothness.
  • Coat film MD and CD profile uniformity.
  • Low air content in coating layer.
  • Finishing and printability.

And production results thanks to:

  • Coating loss minimisation.
  • Operation and maintenance sequences optimisation.

All ABK’s coaters can be used in on or off-line applications and can be adapted to existing coating sections.


Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing all kinds of calenders, it will be with great expertise that ABK will propose the best solution corresponding to each customer’s needs even the most demanding ones in terms of:

  • Smoothness.
  • Thickness and bulk.
  • Gloss.
  • Black calendering minimisation.
  • Caliper CD profile optimisation.

The opportunity to test customer’ paper samples on ABK’s pilot Calender permits the optimum choice of Calender configuration. The results obtained from the pilot Calender tests form part of the paper guarantees.