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SCM-H 150pcs/min Paper Cup Forming Machine / Equipment

SCM-H 150pcs/min Paper Cup Forming Machine / Equipment


SCM-H is a complete one side & two sides PE coated paper cup production solution. It's from the paper blank pile, bottom punching work from the paper roll, with the cup side sealing, bottom whirling and brim roll curling.

Standard Equipment:

  • complete electrical installation and control cabinet

  • collection table with automatic counting system

  • infinitely variable drive

  • gears running in oil bath

  • heat sealing device for PE coated paper

  • servo-driven bottom-web feed with infinitely variable setting

  • bottom punching and drawing device

  • reel stand for bottom materials

  • compressor for air supply to heaters

  • complete safety guard enclosure with doors and interlock switches

  • including one set of forming tool and spare parts for each machine.

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