Xuong Giang Paper Mill

Xuong Giang Paper Mill

Lot G, Song Khe- Noi Hoang IZ, 220000, Bac Giang (Bac Giang Province) , Vietnam

REAM Paper

REAM Paper

Branded name “Paper XG” paper product lines have been launched since 2006 year. Since then, they have achieved reputation in the market and have been highly appreciated by all customers. The “ Paper XG” products are made on Xuong giang Paper Mill’s modern industrial production line in accordance with strict technical management progress of ISO 9001: 2008 standard. They must be meet precisely technical parameters such as: Basic weight, sheet size, quantity of sheet. Made from imported high quality main materials and under special production formula, the product lines do their job perfectly on all various printers and photocopy machines.

All above mentioned factors create more outstanding advantages for the “ Paper XG” products than ones of other brand name in market.

“Paper XG” reachedes the highest brightness – 167 CIE among the same products in market.

The products have smooth surface and are squeezed tighter. This do not makes the paper be not curved, wrinkled and reverse-absorbent when they do their job in printer and photocopy machine.

In its use, “Paper XG” products do not make dust. Consequently, this helps/ causes to keep good health for their users and improve longevity of the machines.

“Paper XG” products give their users sharper, more real-colorful and and vivid copies.

The Special/ outstanding “Paper XG” ream A4 product line of basic weight 60 gsm is packed with Kraft and wrapped with premium Nylon. This keeps the paper from natural moisture absorption in the process of its use and store. Therefore, they are the first choice for the purpose of their photocopy using.

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