Woven Dryer Screens

The company has recently launched Uno-Tier Dryer Screen, which is a unique two-tier flat warp weave pattern screen with controlled permeability, recommended for Unirun positions and high speed machines. The higher surface contact area helps to increase the heat transfer with better sheet support thus lowering the energy consumption and has a potential for, higher life.


Our approach is to work closely with the customer as a partner rather than just as a vendor, to develop optimized solutions through a combination of product and service. Our clear focus is on the Paper Machine Efficiency, Energy and Cost aspects. We have also engaged international experts to   interact with our customer’s operations team as well as help us continuously upgrade our products and service delivery.



There is a dedicated centralized technical service team which works with the customer to identify their needs and helps them to improve their paper quality and reduce costs. The forming section service would include return fabric analysis, drainage profiling, wear rate prediction, papermaker survey and training. Similarly for the dryer sections we provide down day inspection and dryer section survey.



Apart from the PMC, through its Chemical Division, W&F provides a host of specialty and performance chemicals: de-foamers, deinking, retention aids,coating additives, binders, enzymes etc.  One of their successful solutions is the Drainage Aid through Nanoparticle program where activated Bentonite acts as a scavenger largely independent of the system charge and improves water clarity leading to better drainage and retention of fines and fibers. The resultant benefits are better machine run ability, lower steam consumption and lower load on recovery systems.


Other Products

Triple Layer Forming Fabric