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Industrial Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Industrial Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Low to High Vacuum (4-26″ HgV; 300-15,000 ACFM); Single Stage Cone Port Vacuum Pumps

Vooner’s Cone port pumps are the standard of quality in the world market for vacuum service involving carry over of liquids or solids and having the ability to re-establish original clearances and, therefore, recovering performance. Cone port openings are large enough to allow the carryover of process liquids (including condensing spray from inlet) and erosive solids from the process.

Our liquid ring vacuum pumps can handle liquids and solids.

Cone Port Design Offers Several Advantages Over Flat Plate Designs:

  • Passes slugs of process water and entrained solids easily through Vooner’s

  • large cone ports

  • Can re-establish the clearances to regain original performance

  • Allows spray condensing in the inlet pipe to pass condensate

  • through the pump

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