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Paper Tubes, Cardboard Tubes and Paper Cores

Paper Tubes, Cardboard Tubes and Paper Cores

A great way to ship lengthy items is a paper tube cut to the exact length of your product. Precision manufactured paper tubes, cardboard tubes, and paper cores are efficient methods for shipping products. Valk Industries, Inc. has manufactured reliable and quality shipping materials designed to protect our customers’ valuable products for over 3 decades.

A major concern when planning shipping needs is the cost of shipping materials. Paper tubes, cardboard tubes, and paper cores are a perfect solution to fit your budget. Using our experience in advanced industry leading techniques and methods, Valk Industries, Inc. manufactures high quality shipping products in dimensions from 1.000” ID to 16.000” ID at wall thicknesses of 0.018” (2 ply) to 0.750” (23 ply).

As experience has taught us, customers have designs and concepts that may not fit conveniently into available materials or dimensions. There are times when what’s available is not the perfect fit. Valk Industries, Inc. manufactures a variety of spiral wound paper tubes, cardboard tubes, and paper cores to meet custom specifications and unusual needs. Our staff of engineers and experts are ready to assist in your unique application.

To protect what is being shipped, shipping materials may need to precisely match the dimensions of the product to avoid any movement or shifting during transit. Valk Industries, Inc.’s paper tubes, cardboard tubes, and paper cores are custom cut to any length necessary to conform to your application. Our equipment is capable of manufacturing lengths as small as 0.375” (0.95 cm) to over 50 feet (15 m).

Valk Industries, Inc. manufactures our paper tubes, cardboard tubes, and paper cores using selected 100% environmentally friendly recycled paperboard with natural color and finish: which can be modified for your specific requirements. Shipping materials have the dual purpose of ensuring safe shipping; and also, the additional function of projecting a positive image for the shipper. With this in mind, Valk Industries, Inc. can apply your company’s logo, provide customized outer wrappings, or include specially designed liners.

As part of Valk Industries’ dedication to our customers, we take extra steps to ensure your complete satisfaction. To that end, we have available specialty cores and cardboard tubes that include perforated multi-section thinwall paper tubes and notched or slit heavy wall paper cores and tubes.

To enhance the protection of your shipped items, Valk Industries, Inc. offers a wide selection of end plugs in a variety of materials. Whether you require the sturdiness of steel or the flexibility of wood or plastic, we have the design and materials to meet your needs.

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