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UMV are developers and suppliers of innovative surface treatment technology (former BTG coaters). The process development that formed the foundation of the company started back in the 1960s. Concepts that improve quality, productivity and flexibility for the paper producer with a select range of advanced equipment for single or double-sided surface sizing, pigmenting and coating.


BILLBLADE The first C-2-S coater in the world! With this we contributed to the development of on-line coated paper grades such as Art Paper, WC and CF.
TWIN Sizer, HSM The first roll coater that could C-2-S coat paper with good runnability and availability (former TWIN - HSM).
ABC system Advanced MD/CD profiling system, apply from 0,5 up to 20 gsm with excellent profiles
ABC Coater Awarded the best blade coater in the market today.
TWIN ABC Double-sided blade coating in one step (former Mirrroblade). A technically advanced coater without any rolls or mechanical drives.
INVO Jet Coating color application with roto-symmetric design.
TWIN Sizer, Gravure New roll coater technique with an outstanding flexibility when it comes to coat weight control and coating color coverage (former TWIN-Gravure).
INVO Colour Online monitor for coating color properties, such as solids content, viscosity and entrained air
LAS Decurling and moistening of the paper and board.

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