UMV Coating Systems AB

UMV Coating Systems AB

PO Box 162,
SE-661 24 Säffle,

Paper Roller Bearings

Paper Roller Bearings

Electrical IR Dryers

Electrical IR dryers (former ITRONIC dryers) for paper and board producers round the world, was from the very start one of the leading companies in the drying of coated paper and board. Through the years several installations has been done in Europe as well as in Asia.

Turn Key Coating Sections

UMV Coating Systems takes turnkey responsibility for complete coating sections, including pre-study, draft, design, manufacture, assembly, installation, training and start-up. It also looks after all the associated functions, such as piping systems, electrical systems, control systems, heat recovery and process ventilation.

Products and Services

UMV Coating Systems also markets a number of products and services for the paper industry such as:

  • Drying fabric arrangements (stretches, guides etc)
  • Heat recovery systems and machine hall ventilation
  • NEF® Oscillators and Spray pipes
  • Pilot coater
  • Rolls: balancing, design and manufacture
  • Spare parts for all UMV delivered equipment including coating machinery, electrical IR dryers etc
  • Tail feeding systems such as e.g. tail shooters
  • Technical field service for all UMV delivered equipment
  • Web handling and web guiding equipment

The pilot line, which is a base for our support to customers and development of new techniques, is outlined for a maximum speed of 2200 m/min.


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