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tape base papers

tape base papers

A highly engineered line of specialty tape base papers backed by unmatched expertise and market knowledge.

Our portfolio of tape base papers is diverse with product options for Crepe Base, Kraft Flatback Base, Reinforced Gummed Base or Tissue Base. Our hallmark performance is backed by hands-on market knowledge and an in-depth understanding of latex saturation and release coating. Crepe base delivers excellent wet strength and absorbency in relation to its basis weight and density, making it ideal for conversion to masking tapes.


Basis Weights:

22 LB to 35 LB / 35 GSM – 57 GSM (24 x 36-500)

Crepe Masking Tape Base

22 LB to 35 LB / 35 GSM – 57 GSM (24 x 36-500)

Kraft Flat Back Tape Base

15 LB to 60 LB / 24 GSM – 98 GSM (24 x 36-500)

Reinforced Gummed Tape

10 LB / 16 GSM (24 x 36-500)


  • Wide array of tape base papers

  • Papers engineered for converting performance

  • In-depth knowledge of release coatings and latex saturation

  • Bias for co-developing customized soluions

  • Bleached and unbleached options


  • Crepe base (masking tape)

  • Paint masking base

  • Kraft Flatback tape

  • Water-activated (reinforced gummed) tape

  • Carton tape

  • Splicing tape

  • Double coated tissue tape

  • Medical tape

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