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MTX® Outdoor

MTX® Outdoor

The MTX NEMA 3R outdoor medium voltage adjustable speed drive is the world’s first drive specifically designed for outdoor installation. Features include integrated transformer and input control disconnect with viewing window. It is specifically designed for outdoor installations and operation in remote locations with extreme environmental conditions.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Outdoor NEMA 3R design eliminates the cost of integrating drive into climate controlled building. Lifetime operational cost are reduced by the elimination of air handling units.

Outdoor Enclosure Design

The enclosure is a hybrid comprised of a force-air cooled drive cabinet and convection cooled transformer cabinet, provides operating temperature -20° to 50°C.

Integrated Isolation Transformer

Phase shifting transformer simplifies the design, reducing overall installation footprint and overall harmonics. Toshiba’s integrated transformers meet or exceed IEEE 519-2014 harmonic standards.

Input Control Disconnect Section

Provides system safety through pad-lockable input disconnect switch interlocked with main vacuum contactor. Viewing window provides external visibility for disconnect blade position.

Synchronous Motor Transfer

Allows for control of multiple motors with a single drive. Transients due to current and torque are eliminated during transitions between the drive and utility power.

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