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Antimicrobial Film

Antimicrobial Film

Antimicrobial Film

SWM is the world leader in extrusion of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) films. Now SWM offers an uncoated, high-performance, aliphatic film with an additional antimicrobial hard coat top layer. Formulated with antimicrobial properties that protect against growth of mildew and bacteria on the film, Argotec™ Antimicrobial Film is designed for use on a variety of shared surfaces that may regularly be in contact by multiple users.

These applications include electronic displays, touch screens, vending machines and other shared surfaces. It has been effectivity tested against standard JISZ-2801 and provides excellent performance. Argotec Antimicrobial Film is ideal for bacteria and mold protection along with excellent UV resistance, superior durability, stain resistance and consistent optical clarity with a high gloss finish.

Key Features:

  • Formulated with antimicrobial properties that protect against odor & stains
  • Self-healing & scratch resistance
  • High gloss & light transmission
  • Superior film gauge & gel control
  • Local manufacturing capabilities
  • UV & stain resistance
  • Multiple options in product portfolio

Key Benefits: 

  • Protects the film against growth of bacteria & molds
  • Long lasting & highly durable to maintain original appearance
  • Superior appearance with gloss finish
  • Operational efficiency during coating process
  • Just in time delivery & easy inventory management
  • Maintain surface appearance & clarity
  • Customizable to end use applications


  • Mobile device screens (phones, laptop computers, handheld devices, etc.)
  • Kiosks, POS (Point of Sale) displays, interactive displays and ticket/billet machines
  • Public utility & transportation shared objects (hand holds, grab bars, etc.)
  • Water cooler and office break room equipment
  • Touchscreens
  • Vending machines

SWM has supplied high gloss aliphatic, or non-yellowing, Argotec TPU film in surface protection applications for over 15 years. Typically, Argotec film is coated with an optically clear, permanent/removable acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) by Argotec customers. The TPU film contains no processing aids that may affect adhesive anchorage or printability, maximizing coating yield.

SWM offers the following Antimicrobial Surface Protection Films: 

  • Argotec 46510-AM
  • Argotec 49510-60DV-AM
  • Tekra Marnot® Anti-Glare/AM Heat Stabilized Polyester 
  • Tekra Marnot® Anti-Glare/AM Economy Polyester 
  • Tekra Marnot® Anti-Glare/AM Polycarbonate 

Antimicrobial Protective Film has been effectivity tested against standard JISZ-2801 and provides excellent performance.

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