SSG Paper Mills

SSG Paper Mills

13, Dhillon Marg, Model Town, Patiala-147001(Pb) India

MG Kraft Paper

MG Kraft Paper

MG Kraft Paper

MG Kraft paper has many applications such as wrapping, packaging and bag industry. It’s has high strength properties offer effective and protective barrier to keep products safe and secure.


  • MG finished paper available with excellent glaze and High Strength

  • Customizable product according to customer need

  • High BF and strength properties for packaging and wrapping application

  • Consistent cross profile for better conversion

  • Available in reel and sheets


  • Standard Grammages (gsm): 30-90

  • Machine Deckle: 3010mm

  • Bulk: 1.45 cc/g

  • Breaking Length MD/CD: 4000/2500

  • Cobb (60 sec): 25-30


  • Envelopes

  • Covers

  • Bags

  • Pouches

  • Wrappers

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