Air Flotation Dryer

The Air Flotation Dryer features Spooner's market leading air flotation nozzles which transfer heat to the coated or sized web whilst supporting it without contact on dynamic cushions of air as it passes through the dryer. A very uniform drying profile and stable web without flutter or vibration is achieved.


Spooner's vast range of industrial dryers are of high performance and are energy efficient. The company's hygienically designed snack food and cereal dryers, high performance air flotation or impingement dryers for paper, converting or steel, have been known to be the most preferred in the industry because of its innovation and high performance. Continual innovation is Spooner's forte and for achieving such, Spooner has pushed limits. Spooner's dryers have been designed for web widths in excess of 10 m. Speed flexibility is another option that we provide; some dryers have been designed for web speeds in excess of 3,000 m/min



High Performance Compact (HPC™) Dryer



High Performance Compact (HPC™) Dryer is an innovative high performance development; features conventional Spooner air flotation airbars supplemented by an equal number of hole impingement airbars. The system provides very high heat transfer potential resulting in shorter machine lengths whilst maintaining excellent non-contact web handling characteristics.






ModuleDryer™, a ground breaking innovation, allows a single or double sided coated sheet to be simultaneously dried and turned through a given angle without contact. This system can be particularly effective in maximising drying and cooling length within a limited machine footprint. A single sided version is available and particularly applicable to the coating section of board machines where the layout can be greatly simplified.


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