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1100ltr cardboard only bins

1100ltr cardboard only bins

Cardboard Recycling1100ltr cardboard only bins

For those looking to 100% recycle their cardboard, our new 1100Ltr cardboard only Bins are the perfect answer.

Not many people know that if your cardboard gets even the slightest bit of contamination, it won’t recycle back into paper: it’ll end up in the incinerator. And by contamination we mean splashes of juice, oil from your salad pot and dregs from the milk carton.

That means your efforts to save trees? They’re being wasted.

Businesses get rid of countless piles of cardboard every single week. Therefore, we believe that the easiest and best way a company can have a true sustainable impact is by recycling that cardboard properly.

With this in mind, we came up with a new solution; KEEP THE CARDBOARD SEPARATE!

All you can put into these bins is cardboard, in return you’ve got the cheapest waste collection you can get, and you can be 100% sure your cardboard is 100% recycled and you know know you really are doing all you can for the planet.  

Are you looking to reduce costs? get rid of your mixed recycling bin, and replace with a cardboard bin, anything else can go into your general waste bin – but make sure you use someone that turns it into energy and doesn’t send it to landfill!!. We will always guarantee that every recycling effort that you make counts. That’s why we’ve created a solution that not only saves you money, but saves trees too.

For just £6 per weekly lift, we’ll take care of the whole process for you; absolutely no extra cost, no bin rental, fancy EPA charges or over weight charges!! £6 per week and that’s it.  And because we’ve come up with this innovative solution from scratch, you really won’t find this service anywhere else.

Reasons to become a SO Recyclist

  • Recycling cardboard uses 25% less energy than creating new cardboard
  • Recycling just 1 tonne of cardboard will save 46 gallons of oil
  • For every tonne of cardboard that is recycled, 9 cubic yards of landfill space is saved
  • Nearly 90% of all shipped products are shipped in cardboard boxes

What are you waiting for? Join the crowd of local businesses committing to cardboard recycling and find out more about our innovative 1100L bins.

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