Salzer Papier GmbH

Salzer Papier GmbH

Stattersdorfer Hauptstraße 53, 3100 St. Pölten, Austria

Book paper

Book paper

Every third hardcover book in Europe is equipped with wood-free paper from SalzerSalzer Papier has specialized for decades and is a European leader in the manufacture of wood-free printing papers for high-quality hardcover books and premium paperbacks.

You are sure to find the right quality for your book from our extensive range of products:

  • SALZER EOS - The wood-free top paper for book blocks .

  • SALZER VORSATZ - Ribbed and unripped you make a book really noble.

  • SALZER DIGITAL - Optimized for digital printing processes.

  • SALZER AURA - paper with a light wood content for premium paperbacks.

  • SALZER ALPIN - Bulky mechanical, the classic paperback paper.


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