Resolute Forest Products

Resolute Forest Products

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Super-Brite Papers

Super-Brite Papers

Innovative Eco-friendly Alternatives

Resolute's specialty papers portfolio features uncoated freesheet (UFS) substitutes that are at the forefront of innovation. These "super-brite" papers are environmentally friendly and represent cost-effective alternatives for a wide variety of applications:

  • instruction manuals

  • inserts/flyers/circulars

  • direct mail

  • forms

  • maps

  • books

Our super-brite papers offer specifications and quality comparable to conventional offset papers at lighter basis weights, delivering up to 30% more printing surface per metric ton. This translates into less paper to print the same job and can also reduce mailing costs.

All of our pulp and paper mills and wood products facilities are certified to internationally recognized chain of custody standards. Ask us about our certified products.

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