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Scrap Handling Systems

Scrap Handling Systems

Scrap Handling Systems

Rees-Memphis - Scrap Handling SystemsRees-Memphis designs efficient Scrap Handling Systems for the Paper & Pulp industries which automatically pick up scrap from a generation point and convey it to a point away from the manufacturing area. Low pressure air systems using material handling blowers continuously pick up the scrap and convey it to a cyclone where the scrap is separated from the air stream and dropped into a baler. Along the production line, trim cutters and shredders produce the scrap where it initially enters the air system.

Rees-Memphis serves companies in the Paper & Pulp industries who require scrap handling equipment for corrugated, paper, folding carton, commercial printing, flexible and paper packaging, foil processing, paperboard, and paper fiber.

Components of Scrap Handling Equipment

Cyclone Separators

REES manufactures paper handling cyclones that are specifically designed to separate light paper dust and scrap by using multiple inlet connections from the production line, a larger waste outlet to efficiently feed balers, and a perforated inner cone to enhance the separation process.

Trim Cutters

Trim Cutters are used to remove the edge trim from production lines by cutting continuous scrap material into smaller pieces. This enables the air conveying systems to operate more efficiently by eliminating blockages in the duct and preventing scrap from wrapping around the fan wheel.


Shredding is an effective way to handle scrap from all types of paper products and other bulky materials. Through waste reduction methods using Shredders, manufacturers can decrease handling time and increase scrap bale density, resulting in overall cost saving efficiency.


Floorsweeps provide a simple method for sweeping material into the scrap handling system from the plant floor. By using a Shredder at the floorsweep, scrap size is immediately reduced and material handling labor is minimized.


Using a Baler is the most cost efficient way to reduce the volume of scrap waste and prepare it for recycling. REES provides balers to handle a variety of scrap materials while ensuring that bale production and bale density are optimized, providing a lower total cost per bale and an increase in return on investment.

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