Roto-SieveT Drum Screen

Läckeby Products - Solutions For Mechanical Treatment Of Water And Sludge And Pulp And Paper Handling


We offer products that are important for well-functioning plants. In-house design, development and production ensure a high level of quality and innovation, and our long experience guarantees products that can be adapted to the unique requirements of each plant.


Läckeby Products supplies machinery and systems for reject handling (pulper reject, heavy and light reject) in DIP as well as for virgin pulp handling (knot handling, pulp conveying, screening reject and debarking water filtration). Some of our products are: Roto-Sieve™ drum screens, shaftless screw conveyors, classifiers and compactors.

Other Products

Biological Treatment

Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Dissolved Air Flotation

Recycled Paper Production