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ZMK Granulator

ZMK Granulator

Granulator for extreme tasks and high throughput. With its large rotor diameter, reinforced housing, extremely solid stator-blade-beam and a rotor that is lined with massive cast wear plates, this granulator is almost up to any task.

The enormous rotor mass creates, during the rotation of the rotor, a high torque, which can easily overcome high load peaks. This granulator is for use where other granulators reach their limits.

Key Benefits

  • High throughput capacity up to 15 t/hr.
  • Constant cutting quality through re-adjustable knives
  • High performance reserves even when cutting massive metal parts
  • Easy to change wear parts
  • Hydraulic pusher
  • Rotor lined with wear plates
  • Reinforced housing and stator-blade-beam

Made for extreme tasks and high throughput

The field of applications is exceptionally large:

  • Domestic and industrial waste
  • Electronic waste
  • Pre-shredded car and truck tyres
  • Aluminium shavings from turning and milling
  • Metal profiles
  • Cable scrap
  • Oil filters
  • Steel and plastic barrels
  • Plastics
  • Paper

Processed Material Fractions

  • Defined output particle size due to easy exchangeable screen
  • Granules and flakes 10 – 100 mm

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