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XL Pre-Shredder

XL Pre-Shredder

Size reduction even for the very difficult materials. The XL Pre-Shredder from THM with enormous appetite for all kinds of scrap. The more and the coarser the better. The massive structure of the shredder is designed for the size reduction of the most difficult materials without compromise.

The forged rotor and the extreme robust knives keep cutting the input material as long as they passes through the screen. Because of the heavy fly wheels with clutches and special motors the XL Pre-Shredder performs with very low energy consumption.

Key Benefits

  • Different rotor length available (L, XL, XXL) for very high throughput capacities up to 50 t/hr
  • Constant cutting quality through re-adjustable knives
  • Energy efficient through to large fly wheels
  • High stability and quiet running due to a high machine weight

Ideal base for further processing

The XL Pre-Shredder guaranties an even size reduction of large quantities of scrap such as

  • Domestic and industrial waste
  • Mattresses
  • Pressed bales of scrap
  • Plastics, textile and plastic rolls
  • Paper
  • Old car and truck tyres

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