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Pressfelt Cleaners

Pressfelt Cleaners

PCF Press Felt Cleaner for press section, in front of the vacuum boxes.


  • constructed of stainless steel AISI316

  • outfitted with needle jet nozzles, installed in one unit


Advantages of the PCF Press Felt cleaner:

  • reduced water consumption

  • absolute equal cleaning performance over the entire fabric width

  • no nozzle overlap

  • no stripes in the press felt

  • increased press felt life time, saving replacement costs

  • significantly reduced electricity and chemical consumption

  • optimized press felt water permeability and moisture cross profile

  • increased press felt dewater capacity

  • nozzle check during production is possible

  • reduction of paper breaks

Total decreased water consumption:

154 ltr/min – 19.5 ltr/min = 134.5 ltr/min


Total decreased water consumption per year:

134.5 ltr/min x 60 min x 24 hours x 360 days = 69.724 m3 saved per year


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