Pilot Plants for Pulp & Paper

Innovative pulp upgrading, fibre engineering and paper development

Test stands for mechanical pulp treatment, cleaning, screening, thickening, washing, surface treatment and impregnation provide various possibilities for the practical and innovative development of products and processes. On a pilot paper machine with top wire, inclined wire mode (one or two layers, optional top wire), sheet forming trials are carried out for single-and double-layered fibre mats.

  • Pilot Plants for Pulp & Paper is helpful for the development of innovative fibre composites
  • Practically relevant quality evaluation of pulps
  • Development and testing of new technologies for pulp upgrading
  • Material- and quality optimisation (fibres/fillers/process chemicals)
  • Development of new paper qualities and sample production for application studies
  • Fibre Engineering and Paper Development

Other Products

PfR Monitoring System

Image Analysis System DOMAS

Pre-certification of paper

Testing & Analytics