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EloVac-P is a modular, plug-and-play phosphorus sequestration system that improves sludge dewaterability, increases cake solids percentage and reduces polymer consumption.

The inherent vacuum based, low energy operation of the EloVac-P coupled with enhanced biogas and carbon dioxide capture, enables energy positive operation and can help reduce a plant’s carbon footprint, while simultaneously producing a higher value biosolids cake product.

The EloVac-P is a fully engineered, plug-and-play system that provides multiple benefits in addition to phosphate management across the plant, such as:

•Reduced Phosphate by 80 to 95 percent in the return load to the head of the plant

•Improved dewatering by up to 5 percent

•Reduced polymer consumption by up to 20 percent

•Reduced downstream struvite scaling

•Low footprint and plug-and-play nature help reduce overall project costs

•Completely skid-mounted

•Additional biogas capture leading to energy positive operation

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