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Mondi Group UK

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Our portfolio of corrugated trays answers to the market requirements and is fully customisable to specific customer needs:

Space for visual communication

Bottom strength enhancement

Ease of filling


Easy emptying

Modular stacking combinations

Inside print


Manual or machine erecting

Organised display impression at the store

Easymix - Flexibility in transport

A modular system of different tray sizes allows perfect stacking and optimal use of the pallet for the transport of mixed goods or pack sizes.

EF Tray - Light, strong and water-resistant

EF tray offers significant material savings through use of micro-flute without compromising on strength. Made out of Pro Vantage Kraftliner Aqua the tray is water resistant without the use of Paraffin and thus fully recyclable. It also shows great performance in the erecting process.

Bottom enhancement for long transports

Mondi offers a range of innovative designs such as the Cross Bottom Tray or the Arch Tray to enhance bottom performance for especially heavy cargo or long distance shipping.

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