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Heated rollers & chilled rollers

Heated rollers & chilled rollers

Heated rollers & chilled rollers

Are used for heating and cooling all types of web products.

"The more precise the temperature control and the shape of the rollers, the better the properties and quality of the web."

Technical specifications

Common diameters

100 – 2,000mm

Common bale length

300 – 5,000mm


Mild steel, tempered steel,stainless steel


Single jacket, double jacket with– displacement body– multiple spiral guides– counter-rotating spiral guides


uncoated, chrome, nickel,rubber, PU, ​​ceramic, WC/Co, non-stick coating


Cylindrical or crowned ground, highly polished


Concentricity and form accuracy ≤ 0.005 mm


Production and acceptance according to DGRL 2014/68/EU possible

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