Kyiv Cardboard And Paper Mill

Kyiv Cardboard And Paper Mill

130 Kyivska Str., Obukhiv, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 08703



Coated cardboard is widely used for the manufacturing of a wide variety of products, from food packaging, pharmaceuticals, computer components and accessories to the printing products. Its smooth white surface provides high-quality printing and adds an attractive appearance to finished products.

Uncoated cardboard

Uncoated Cardboard is without pigment. It is breathable, perfect for skin packaging, and for production of stationery and matchboxes. Uncoated cardboard is used when functional properties are more important than printing quality.

Cardboard for consumer packaging DivoPack® UD1 – is an uncoated cardboard with cellulose, a top side of which is whiteand back side is grey.


For the production of consumer packaging for industrial and tobacco goods, dried food packaging with a humidity less than 15% (salt, pasta, etc.), household goods manufacturing (book covers and etc.), stationery, and toilet paper cores production.

Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, –°onclusion of sanitary-epidemiological examination of MoH of Ukraine.

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